More than 100 trained volunteers help with BELhospice’s activities including fundraising and patient care. One of the major issues facing terminal cancer sufferers is social isolation so our volunteers will often spend time visiting patients at home or taking them out on social trips such as shopping, to church or to cafes and restaurants.

The Norwegian Government provided funding to train volunteers and 27 volunteers completed their training course.  


Feedback from a patient's family 

While we were fighting a hard and unjust battle, you were always with us. Your help and your advice meant a lot to us, allowing us never to give up.  

Strahinja was proud to know you. He loved spending time with your volunteers, because they were the only ones who didn’t let him down until the very end. Now, that Strahinja is among the angels, we are sure that he is protecting you with his most beautiful smile."

And from one of the volunteers who cared for Strahinja

I would like to thank your/our organization for giving me a year of a pure enrichment of the soul by helping the ones in need. I am very grateful for the opportunity to help one extraordinary human being such as Strahinja, who thought me and inspired me so much.

Thanks to him and other lovely volunteers, I became stronger, more mature and more able to handle my own problems. Because of him, my wish to help others, even if it’s just a smile, became much bigger and it still grows. I am still in touch with his mom Goca and I am planning to visit her when I come to Belgrade.

Thank you for giving me a chance to be a member of your organization which is truly purposeful and noble and is providing so many services and every service is colored by the beauty of living. Thank you for believing in life and its luster until the last moment. Thank you for celebrating life with Strahinja in the times when he was not able even to hear us anymore.

I will always be proud for being a part of such an organization and I hope that I will be more active in the future. Thank you from my heart!