Hope for the future 

Your gift could bring hospice care to so many people in pain 

A gift in your will could help us 

  • Introduce new home care teams in new locations and increase the number of teams in places such as Bucharest. An adult team makes 2,400 visits a year and a paediatric team makes 1,360 visits a year
  • Pay for transport for a home care team – in some of the more remote regions this is essential
  • Provide medical equipment such as special mattresses and syringe drivers to ease pain

How will this make a difference?  

Most people prefer to spend their final days in familiar surroundings at home with their loved ones. Others simply do not have the choice as there are no inpatient hospice facilities available to them. Your gift could help us increase the number of home care teams.

The teams bring comfort and care to patients in their homes. Nurses and doctors are often supported by hospice social workers, psychologists and volunteers.

Sometimes the home care teams are the only people our patients have contact with.

"Many are too weak and too poor to travel. Patient transport is not available. The only real option is for the teams to go to the patients" -Raluca Muntean, Country Director Hospices of Hope Albania and Moldova