Hope for the future 

Your gift could help children and young people facing serious or terminal illness 

A gift in your will could 

  • develop and expand our services at Copaceni and open similar centres elsewhere based on this model
  • introduce new paediatric services in other countries
  • set up family support groups
  • lobby for changes to ensure suitable medicines are available for children

Our first paediatric team started in 1996. We have inpatient facilities in Brasov (the Bagpuss Wing) and Bucharest and home care services in all our country partners. We also have a unique respite and therapy centre for children at Copaceni in Romania.

We believe all children with life-limiting or serious illness should have access to healthcare services.

For the majority in our country partners, sadly, this is not the case. A gift in your will could help us
develop and extend our services to many more children and their families.

“Hospice is a family which has helped me to grow up and continues to support me not just medically but emotionally and socially too” Catia who has spinal muscular atrophy and has been cared for in the Bagpuss Wing since she was eight. She has since travelled to the UK to study psychology at degree and masters level