Why make a will?

Your will is an opportunity to provide for the people and the causes you care most about. Making a will gives you the peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out.

What do I need to do?

Before making your will you should consider
1. What assets you have
2. Which people and what organisations you want to remember in your will. There are different kinds of gifts which are explained below
3. Choose the people you want to act as your executors
4. Decide how you are going to draft the will. We recommend that you take legal advice (and possibly financial advice on estate planning) when making your will.
5. Once your will is agreed it needs to be properly signed and witnessed and it is a good idea to let your executors know where it is kept

Are there any advantages to leaving a gift to Hospices of Hope in my will?

As well as knowing that your gift will be used to develop hospice care in south east Europe, for some people there can be tax advantages in making a gift to charity.

Types of gifts you can make   

There are different types of gifts you can leave in your will. The main types are

  • A residuary gift - the residue of your estate is what remains after funeral expenses, debts and other gifts in your will have been paid. You can give all your residuary estate to your beneficiaries or you can give different proportions to different beneficiaries. It can be a way of giving the majority of your estate to your loved ones but also remembering a specific cause you want to support
  • A pecuniary gift - This is a gift of a specific amount. If you are including this type of gift in your will, it is an idea to review your will from time to time as inflation may impact on the gift over the longer term.
  • A specific gift - This is the gift of a specified item or object such as a property or piece of jewellery

Important Information if you wish to remember Hospices of Hope in your will

If you make the kind and generous decision to make a gift to Hospices of Hope you will need the following information 

  • Company Name Hospices of Hope Limited, 11 High Street, Otford, Kent TN14 5PG
  • Company number 4120082
  • Charity number (England and Wales) 1088475
  • Charity number (Scotland) SC040117

We would like to say thank you 

We understand that for many people wills are private but we would love to hear from you if you have made a gift and you would like to tell us about it. Write to us, email or phone us if you want to tell us about this or want to discuss a possible gift. We can ensure you are kept up to date with our news and activities.