One of BELhospice’s aims is to educate professionals in hospice care. With our help it set up the Prue Dufour Education Centre and has run accredited continuing medical education courses which have been attended by more than 200 healthcare professionals.

BELhospice worked with the Serbian Ministry of Health to produce a national strategy for hospice care in Serbia. As part of the implementation of that project 96 different education and training courses were provided by BELhospice and 1,239 medical professionals attended these courses.   

Courses are multi-disciplinary and include elements of training on psychological, social care and spiritual support.  

BELhospice has produced 2 presentations – one on the background to hospice care and the second on the management of chronic pain – which have been seen by more than 1,500 medical professionals.

Members of the team regularly lecture at Belgrade’s School of Medicine and the national nursing college.