Fundraising Tips

Your event or activity will be a real success and a little planning can make all the difference.  Here is a checklist of things to consider 

  1. Select your event or activity, venue, date and time
  2. Choose what materials or resources you need. You can download some resources from our website. Don’t forget to enlist people  to help you
  3. Work out and follow a budget
  4. Set up your Fundraising Page and circulate it to possible supporters
  5. Advertise your event or activity/invite guests
  6. Thank everyone who attended or donated, and make sure any additional offline funds are sent to us.

Make sure everyone knows about your fundraising plans  

The more people who know about your event or activity, the more you are likely to fundraise.  As well as personal invitations and word of mouth, digital and social media are great ways of spreading the word 


  • Tell your story on your Fundraising Page and share that page on Facebook 
  • Post regular updates of your fundraising activities 
  • Post photos or videos of your event or challenge 
  • Thank everyone after your event 

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page too!  


Ask your friends to retweet you so details of your event or activity reach more people 

Tell your followers what you are doing eg. I am hosting a virtual pamper event for @hospicesofhope– join me on....! 

  • Include a link to your Fundraising Page – you can shorten the link by visiting 
  • Add photos or videos to make your tweet more interesting 
  • Follow @hospicesofhope on Twitter We will like and comment on your tweet


  • make a video about your event or activity and upload it to YouTube and your Fundraising Page 
  • post the link on your Facebook page and talk about it in your Twitter feed


Share pictures of your event or activity before, during and after.

  • include your Fundraising Page link on your posts and in your profile description to encourage visitors to donate 
  • use hashtags so people can easily tag and search for images and videos from your event 
  • ask family and friends to share your posts through Twitter and Facebook, or using the Share URL 


  • Livestream your fundraising event using YouTube, Mixer or Twitch. Streaming means your supporters can follow your fundraising activities live 

Email Signatures

Download one of our email signatures and use it when sending emails

Local Press  

Tell your local press about your event – you can do this both before and afterwards. We  have a draft press release in our materials section

After your event - thank you and finance 

Thank you

Thank everyone who attended/donated.


All donations made through your Fundraising Page and through Facebook are paid to Hospices of Hope automatically. Any other funds should be sent to us

The safest way is by bank transfer. Please make sure that you include your name and event on your payment reference and let us know you are paying it in.

Please also send us your sponsorship forms. If the money is for a specific appeal or country partner please tell us when making your payment

And finally enjoy!

Enjoy yourself after your fundraising efforts.

Thank you for fundraising for us