#TeamBagpuss Challenge Events

Bagpuss would love you to join #TeamBagpuss 

"My creator, Mr Oliver Postgate, helped fund the Bagpuss Children's Wing in the Hospice in Brasov. He and Mr Peter Firmin wanted me and my friends to continue helping the children in the Bagpuss Wing and so I have created #TeamBagpuss. To join my team simply sign up and take part in one of my #TeamBagpuss challenge events.  

#TeamBagpuss challenge events take place throughout the year and can be found here

I try to attend as many #TeamBagpuss challenge events as I can and I often bring my friend Lizzie Mouse with me. So that my team members stand out I make sure that everyone has the chance to wear a #TeamBagpuss t-shirt for the event. 

Thank you for helping me support children facing serious illness."  

Be Bagpuss for a day

Hospices of Hope supporter, Luke, ran the 2019 London Landmarks Half Marathon as Bagpuss.  

If you would be interested in taking part in a #TeamBagpuss challenge event or are taking part in another event and want to raise money for Hospices of Hope by wearing our Bagpuss costume please contact our events team.