Medical Supplies 

Thanks to donations from our supporters we are able to send donated medical equipment and medical supplies to our country partners in Romania and Moldova. To date we have sent more than £800,000 worth of medical supplies.

Donated items include breast prostheses, wigs, stoma bags, mobility aids and nutritional supplements.

Stoma bags and equipment are not widely available in Moldova. Provision of medical supplies has made a real difference to patients in this country. So far we have supplied more than 23,000 stoma bags to Moldova.

We now also send medical supplies to Albania.

What do we accept?

Medical equipment

Please click here to find out what medical supplies are needed. We have particular need for wigs, wheelchairs and walking aids at the moment. 

Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept medicine donations. We still accept all other medical donations.

How to donate

Unfortunately, we cannot organise collection for your donation. However, you can leave your donation at any of our shops in England. Please label the donations ‘Medical Supplies’. We are unable to accept medical donations to our shops in Scotland. 


Find a list of your nearest drop points here:

Alternatively please post your donation indicating that the parcel contains medical supplies. 

Please send small parcels of supplies to;-

Medical Supplies
Hospices of Hope
11 High Street
TN14 5PG

For larger volumes please ring 01959 525110

Thank you 

To date we have shipped 31,076 kgs of supplies to Moldova, 26,759 kgs to Romania and 1,179 kgs to Albania.  This gives a total of 59,014 kgs. These donations make a real difference to patients in those countries.       

For more information please contact us [email protected] or 01959 525110

Our patients in Romania, Moldova and Albania appreciate and value your kind thoughts and donations.