The manager of one of our shops spent a morning with Hospice social worker, Irina 

"I was extremely privileged to have the chance to go on visits with Irina, a social worker based in the Hospice in Brasov. She has about sixty families on her books and tries to see them all regularly.

She stopped off at the local hospital, a grey dilapidated building.

She met a client who is the father of five sons (one has since died), all of whom suffer from muscular dystrophy. The parents are desperately trying to care for their sons, but it is exhausting and back breaking. Irina is trying to arrange support from the Hospice for them.

We then went to visit two families who live about a thirty mile drive from the town.

The first family has a child living with cerebral palsy. They are poor and needed to get papers signed for requesting some financial and medical help. Irina helped them to complete the forms and then we went to the mayor’s office and then to the government office in town to get the papers validated and into the system.

It will be at least three months before the family receives anything other than Irina’s support.

The second family has a seven year- old son who lost his sight through cancer. His parents still have no idea whether the cancer has spread or what his prospects are. They also have eight month old twins.

The husband works away from home in Italy on construction sites, to earn money and to enable him to continue building the house they are living in.

Both families have little materially but were so grateful for the advice and support they are getting from the Hospice."