When I contacted BELhospice, my mother had already been fighting breast cancer for 5 years. Having worked as a clinical doctor, I knew what she was going through, and I was anticipating the hardship that awaited my entire family and felt the burden because I wasn't ready to be my mother's doctor. Having turned to running as a stress reliever, I found out about BELhospice activities through running websites and followed their work knowing that my family would be in need of such help.

During the first visit, it was easy to assess, as a doctor, that the medical team had a great level of competence but what meant the most was their approach not only to my mother but to our entire family. For the first time in five years someone took the time to talk to us about everything, about what was happening and would happen in the future and it helped us deal with it.

As my mother's health worsened, contact with BELhospice intensified and I met the entire medical team as well as the social worker. As I tried to deal with my mother's illness I turned to psychotherapy sessions but two talks with BELhospice's social worker helped me more. Things I previously wasn't able to talk about were easy to say to people who truly understood what I was talking about and who knew exactly what to say and what to ask.