The BELhospice team recently received a letter from the daughter of a patient.  The letter meant a lot to the team who cared for her father.

The daughter is a film director and is used to dealing with personal tragedies as her work concentrated on socially marginalised groups on the streets in Belgrade and New York. But she found herself fighting a major battle when her father was diagnosed with brain cancer. She struggled to get an explanation from the doctor treating her father in a state hospital as to what his diagnosis meant.

Once her father was discharged from hospital she and her mother decided to care for him themselves.  They heard about BELhospice and the team came to visit. The father was really impressed with the kindness and energy of the medical team and the daughter felt that he was being treated as an individual and that,

"Someone was concerned for him in the same way the daughter cared about the people she featured in her documentaries"

Every time there was an emergency the team from BELhospice attended immediately.

On a practical level BEL helped with the purchase of a special mattress for bedsores.  Without this the father would have suffered from open sores.     

But BEL also helped with the emotional distress of the family. The daughter was struggling to cope with the diagnosis. One of the members of the team helped her work through this, and explained what is important for people with terminal illness to hear before their death. With this help the daughter sat by her father’s bedside and told him how he had inspired her and taught her everything in life that had made her a good person.  The father woke up and gave her a look of love. She said in her letter that that look meant everything to her and her mother.  

The daughter noted that her family live in a country where cancer is out of control – she described it as an epidemic. She said that,

"A sick person and their family need support such as that given by BELhospice. It gives hope to see the staff's smiles, energy, advice and assistance. BELhospice recognises what people need at the end of their life. I hope that the BELhospice will continue to help people and I have endless thanks