Andrei first came to the Hospice in Brasov when he was ten years old.  He suffered from muscular dystrophy which was diagnosed at quite a late stage.   

Andrei’s illness meant that he became progressively weaker. He resisted using a wheelchair when he could no longer walk. He had to give up state education when he was ten because he could no longer write. This was devastating to him as he was very intelligent and loved learning.  Sleep was difficult for him as he had to be moved several times at night.

Hospice helped Andrei in many ways.  We showed him and his family how best to care for him and when things got too much Andrei received respite care at the hospice.

He attended our day centre on a regular basis and he really loved the activities and social interaction. Andrei joined in with everything he could and wrote a play about the hospice which many of his friends took part in. The hospice school meant that he could continue with his education. 

He really enjoyed the summer trips and particularly enjoyed seeing the sea for the first time.

Andrei said that Hospice

has always been a huge support and helped me overcome the most difficult moments in my life. It is where I have met many people with a big heart who look after all of us patients with great love and care.

Andrei made the most of every day and would get involved with everything even though his illness prevented him from taking part in many activities.  

Sadly Andrei lost his battle with his illness aged just 23.  He is greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

We have an appeal in Andrei’s memory so we can continue to help children with similar illnesses.