Sergiu is 17. He was a healthy baby but contracted meningitis when he was 18 months old possibly as a result of side effects from an injection. He lost his speech and sight and could not walk or stand because of the meningitis. 

When Sergiu and his family were first referred to the Hospice they were living in very poor conditions and struggling to cope with the demands of caring for Sergiu. The team from the Hospice helped Sergiu's parents learn to care for him.

We were keen to do more to help the family so when we needed a caretaker at Copaceni we offered the role to Sergiu’s family.  They accepted this opportunity gladly and the family has settled into a new life in the countryside.

Sergiu has two siblings and all three particularly enjoy the summer time when they join in with the other children on our Summer Trips at Copaceni.

Sergiu's condition has been stable for many years now. However as part of the renovation work at Copaceni we are improving the family’s accommodation and whilst the work was taking place Sergiu spent some time in the paediatric unit in our Bucharest Hospice. 

His stay in the unit has completely transformed him.  Physically he is so much stronger but the major change has been in his personality. He reacts with people around him in a way he has not done before, laughing and joining in with the fun.

And this summer he came on our summer trip to the seaside and had a fantastic time.  He really enjoyed playing in the sea and sharing in the activities.