Close the care gap on World Cancer Day!

As people, communities and countries come together to raise awareness and inspire action for a cancer-free future, we turn our attention to our patients suffering for cancer and their stories, symbols of strength and willpower.

One of our patients is Rita who has lived with the illness for over 20 years now. After caring for a friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she had found herself in the same position and in need of surgical as well as chemotherapy treatment shortly afterwards. In her own words, “everything seemed to go well after the surgery, until 2015 when I started to be concerned again about my health. After many investigations, I found out that I had colon cancer.

I found out about HOSPICE Casa Sperantei from the people suffering from cancer that I met in hospitals and at the chemotherapy sessions. At HOSPICE Centre, I met many people going through the same torment like me and together we became stronger facing the illness. At the HOSPICE Day Center, we are involved in all kinds of activities, that make us forget about the suffering and pain, even for a few hours.  There are recreational activities, we talk, we make hand-made products, we celebrate birthdays and holidays. We also have a beauty centre and here we receive good advice and different treatments that makes us feel beautiful. For people like me, that are facing an incurable illness, it really matters that they are able to take our mind of all the pain we are experiencing, even for a few hours.”

Whilst we hope and strive for a cancer-free future, let’s not forget about those battling with the disease who lack the means and resources to get hospice care. Let’s not forget to help ease their pain and brighten up their days.

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