Hi, I'm Raluca Muntean, and I'm the Regional Development Manager for Hospices of Hope.

In the second part of 2021 it will be 8 years since I joined Hospices of Hope. I was introduced to the charity by the British Ambassador to Moldova one month after I relocated to Moldova. I joined the team as a Senior Fundraiser; later on I become A Fundraising Manager and then Country Manager for our projects in Moldova then in 2018 Albania, and now in the 8th year of being with Hospices of Hope I am getting a new challenge - Regional Development Manager. What a ride!

Memories that are special to me during this time are: 

  1. Memories made while visiting patients in the rural areas of Moldova and Albania. There you can see that what we do is much more than simple medical care. The hospice teams are seen and treated as family members and sometimes they are the only visitors these people get to welcome in their modest houses
  2. all of the memories regarding Hospice Bike Tour where we cycle for 5 days from Moldova to Romania and build memories and raise funds for our projects in Moldova with the support of people that believe in our work and the necessity and importance of palliative care services. All the pains and the struggles that we go through in order to make reach our destination and the fact that we are able to do that while others cannot because of the illness puts things a bit in perspective.
  3. One big memory I cannot forget is from the earthquake in Albania (26 Nov 2019) there were lots of damages and days after people were still afraid to go back in so there were staying in cars or on the street. There were more patients than normal that passed away the days after the earthquake because of all the moving that shouldn't have happened in their case. I visited patients a week after, they were living in hotels on the beach in Durres - what normally was an idyllic image was just very messed up this time. Hard to explain exactly how I felt but will always remember it.

 We have to trust and strongly believe that what we do makes a huge difference in all the countries we work in. We have to push and not be afraid to have a conversation that matters everywhere – access to palliative care.