Working with small rural hospices    

We are working with small rural hospices helping them to become sustainable organisations.  

These hospices received set up funding but do not have strategies in place to continue. They generally rely on part time staff as it is too risky financially for medical professionals to resign from their state jobs. Most staff use their own vehicles for home visits and their monthly petrol allowance is unlikely to cover the cost.  Because the medical teams are so stretched and under resourced the hospices are not able to fundraise for the future. We are therefore sharing our expertise with them to achieve a more secure future. 

We are working with hospice organisations in Orhei, Soroca and Ocnita. 

The largest of these is Hospice Aripile Sperantei in Orhei which has 11 part time staff. It cares for 80 patients a year – many of whom are extremely vulnerable – and makes more than 1,300 home visits per year. Its work is carried out on an annual budget of just under £17,000.

Hospice Angelus in Soroca and Hospice Angelus in Ocnita are smaller. Soroca has a team of 5 and cares for 50 patients annually and Ocnita has 4 employees and 25 patients a year. Ocnita is in particular need of funding and training for it to continue its care services. 


Stoma and other Medical Supplies

Another way in which we help patients in Moldova is by sending medical supplies.  Supplies such as stoma bags, wigs and breast prostheses are donated by our supporters in the UK and sent out to Moldova. If you are interested in donating medical supplies see our Medical Supplies page.