National Hospice Network

In 2016 we launched a project to create a national network of hospices on Moldova. To do this we established Hospices of Hope Moldova. After detailed research we identified three existing hospice organisations to start the network.

The Hospices

These are

  • Hospice Aripile Sperantei (Wings of Hope) in Orhei
  • Hospice Angelus in Soroca and
  • Hospice Angelus in Ocnita.

The largest of these is Hospice Aripile Sperantei in Orhei which has 11 part time staff. It cares for 80 patients a year – many of whom are extremely vulnerable – and makes more than 1,300 home visits per year. Its work has been carried out on an annual budget of just under £17,000.

Members of the team at Hospice Aripile Sperantei

Hospice Angelus in Soroca and Hospice Angelus in Ocnita are smaller. Soroca has a team of 5 and cares for 50 patients annually and Ocnita has 4 employees and 25 patients a year. Ocnita is in particular need of funding and training for it to continue its care services.

The need

These hospices had each received set up funding but did not have strategies in place to ensure their survival and growth. They were struggling to survive.

They generally relied on part time staff as it was too risky financially for medical professionals to resign from their state jobs. Most staff used their own vehicles for home visits and met petrol costs themselves.

None of the hospices undertook fundraising.

A patient's home

The stories of our patients about their incurable illnesses and life limiting conditions, is, unfortunately, accompanied by poor living conditions. This fact emphasises more the need of the help that we are providing, starting with medication to psycho-emotional care. Our help is so much appreciated by our patients, who are coping with their pain. There are patients that only see our teams coming to visit as to ease their pain. There are others that cannot afford to buy necessary goods, some of them cannot afford to buy food.  


Thanks to grants from Medicor and the Burdett Trust for Nursing we have already made a significant difference to these hospice organisations and their patients.

So far we have

  • Provided medical training to the teams
  • Moved Hospices Aripile Sperantei into more suitable accommodation
  • Planned a similar move for Hospice Angelus, Soroca
  • Provided new transport (including fuel costs) for the home care teams
  • Fully staffed Hospices of Hope Moldova

The team in Soroca with their new transport

State recognition

We have publicly launched the National Programme for Palliative Care with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the government is very supportive of our work.

Project launch with the Moldovan Secretary for Health and Social Protection, Dr Rodica Scuelnic (centre), Executive Director of Hospices of Hope, Alex Padureanu and HOH Country Manager Raluca Muntean 

The future

We have added two further hospices to the network. These are in Cahul and Taraclia. The services in Taraclia had been forced to close so these will be reopening. We are planning to renovate the in-patient ward in Cahul. 

We have developed an App which will enhance communication between the network members.  

Network Members in Moldova


Stoma and other Medical Supplies

Another way in which we help patients in Moldova is by sending medical supplies.  Supplies such as stoma bags, wigs and breast prostheses are donated by our supporters in the UK and sent out to Moldova. If you are interested in donating medical supplies see our Medical Supplies page.  

Valeriu - A beneficiary of our Medical Supplies project 

Valeriu has bowel cancer.  He was first diagnosed ten years ago when doctors told him that his life expectancy was at most three to four years. He was only thirty two at the time. Recently his symptoms returned and when he went back to the state hospital he was told that there was nothing more the doctors there could do.   

Valeriu persisted and found a doctor who would operate but the procedure did not go well. He uses stoma provided by Hospices of Hope Moldova. He suffers from very severe headaches. He will not give in though and continues to try to find a surgeon who can help him.

He is soon to be a grandfather and has a good relationship with his wife who he met at school. She supports him in everything. They have two daughters. The oldest one has already married, and the young sister is a student in Romania. Living conditions are very modest, every penny is spent on Valeriu's care.

Through Hospice Aripile Sperantei he has access to medicines which he would not otherwise be able to afford.  He is also grateful for the stoma bags and equipment that are provided to him by Aripile Sperantei through Hospices of Hope Moldova.

According to the hospice team “Valeriu is a man who is filled with optimism and spirit and who continues to believe in miracles”.