Our Vision

Our vision is for all patients suffering from terminal, rare or life-limiting illness to receive specialist hospice care so that they can live and die with dignity and without pain. 


Our Values


We are a Christian-based organisation and care for people of all faiths, or none, encouraged by God’s love for us and motivated by Christ's words "I was sick and you visited me". More information about the work of our spiritual advisers is here.  



Our Strategy 

Our strategy is to increase access to free hospice services so that everyone suffering from terminal, rare or life-limiting illness in South East Europe receives suitable specialist care.  

We do this by working with our country partners in Romania and Serbia and directly through our own charity in Moldova. Our long term strategy is to work in other countries in the region.  

We provide funding to our country partners. But we cannot achieve our goals simply through funding. So we work with state and other organisations in devising and developing national strategies for hospice care. We provide advice and technical expertise to our country partners and work with them to achieve reforms in their national health legislation or practice.    

Our purpose-built hospices in Romania demonstrate very high standards of hospice care and medical training and act as models for other organisations to follow. Our new hospice in Serbia and the children's centre in Copaceni will set similar standards. 


Medical training

Another part of our strategy is to increase knowledge of hospice care among medical professionals. They, in turn, can introduce those new techniques in their medical practices. As a result of our training programmes there are now hospice care teams/wards in 20 counties (out of 41) in Romania.  In Romania we have been working with various universities and professional bodies to make hospice care a compulsory element in training for medical professionals.  

Sharing experience and expertise

We also share advice and knowledge with our country partners. Our aim is for each country to become self-sufficient so we advise on fundraising techniques. Until recently Hospice Casa Sperantei was virtually self funding. Sadly however it is now facing a very challenging time as traditional sources of funding are under threat because of changes in government policy. 

Future Strategies

We are working with our country partners to introduce new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to help patients. We are also researching technologies which will enable online appointments and assistance. This will allow us to help more people without compromising quality of care.


Equitable funding continues to be an issue in both Romania and Serbia. In Romania we receive some funding for in-patient care but very little for home visits and in Serbia it is difficult for medical charities to receive state funding. We will continue to support Hospice Casa Sperantei and BELhospice with their lobbying to change this.