Our Values

The importance of every individual

  • HofH values the difference of and is sensitive to the needs of each individual
  • HofH promotes mutual respect and tolerance

Personal beliefs

  • HofH respects all religions and the sincerity of the followers of those religions. It does not seek to undermine the beliefs of others
  • HofH was established as a Christian-based charity and seeks to uphold the principles of the Christian faith


  • HofH exercises fairness and equal opportunities in its programmes and employment practices
  • HofH serves people of all faiths and none on the basis of need and merit
  • HofH promotes fair treatment for those who are at a disadvantage,  whatever their ethnic origin, gender or disability

Honesty and Transparency

  • HofH values personal integrity and honesty in both employees, partners and beneficiaries
  • HofH reports on activities openly and honestly to all stakeholders
  • HofH consults partners and beneficiaries on policies, programme planning and implementation
  • HofH monitors and evaluates itws work to ensure quality and assess impact

Professional Conduct

  • HofH values reliability  and respect for confidentiality
  • HofH works to the highest professional standards

Responsible Stewardship of Resources

  • HofH exercises socially responsible investment policies and careful stewardship of financial and other resources