What is the Hospice Champion's Network? 

The Hospice Champions Network is a donation plan for a three-year revolving period. Its goal is to sustain Hospice Casa Sperantei’s existing hospice services and develop new ones to meet the ever-growing needs of patients with advanced cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Through the Hospice Champions Network we aim to secure the salaries of our key staff and teams.

Who can be a Hospice Champion?

Any corporation, individual, trust or group that pledges to

  • donate
  • sponsor or
  • provide pro bono support 

to us for at least £12,500 for a period of three years can become a Hospice Champion.

Why become a Hospice Champion?

Hospice Champions will help us develop and sustain Hospice Casa Sperantei's compassionate end of life care. 

By joining the Network you will give terminally ill adults and children the gift of professional, holisitic end of life care

You will help us build a more compassionate society that cares for the needs of its most vulnerable citizens

Why do we need Hospice Champions? 

For many years Hospice Casa Sperantei was in a good financial position. It was self sufficient in day to day running costs. 

But the government made huge salary increases for health professionals in the state sector to keep their expertise in the country. HCS had to increase salaries to ensure it retained its staff. This was followed by the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused a loss in income coupled with an increase in demand for hospice services as cancer patients were discharged from state hospitals. 

There is a very real risk that essential hospice services will be cut.

We believe that this is a short term funding issue as the state, in conjunction with HCS, is reviewing funding for hospice services with a view to making this fairer. Subject to the unknown impact of Covid-19 we are hopeful that the review will stabilise the situation. 

By becoming a Hospice Champion you will help us retain essential services and trained medical staff in the interim.   

How to become a Hospice Champion

There are four different membership levels - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

Level of Membership  Platinum Gold  Silver  Bronze
Annual pledge level  £100,000 £50,000 £25,000 £12,500
Commit to funding (pledge for three years)  A home care team or 4 bed ward  An out-patient team or a 2 bed ward A hospice doctor or a 1 bed ward a hospice nurse

For more details see our Hospice Champions Network Prospectus.

Once you have decided on the level of Membership please contact us to discuss membership further. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

As well as the Network Membership benefits, the Champions Network is a brilliant opportunity for businesses to fulfil CSR commitments.  Our experienced team will work with you on an individual basis to create a fundraising programme which will allow you or your team to become more involved with our work. Our designated co-ordinator will meet with you and develop a rewarding and interesting programme that meets your CSR objectives.

Membership benefits

In return for their support Network Members are entitled to membership benefits which will increase their philanthropic profile. These are listed below and in our Hospice Champion Network - Our Commitment to You document. 

Sponsored wards: will be recognised by a name plaque

Medical professionals: any sponsored medical professional will proudly wear a name badge recognising your support     

Champion Network Membership benefits

As well as the ward plaque or badge recognition, as a Network member you will benefit from the following:

Benefits for All Members

  • Your logo, name, details of support and, (if agreed by you), the level of donation will feature on this designated Champions Network part of our website
  • Your logo and similar details will be featured on our social media pages
  • Relevant social media posts will be tagged and linked to your social media pages
  • You will be mentioned and thanked in our Impact Review which is sent out to supporters on our database
  • Your logo will be added to our Champions Wall in our Head Office for all visitors to see
  • PR opportunities in our press releases with thanks given to you for your support
  • Networking opportunities with Hospices of Hope
  • Fundraising programmes (to be discussed and mutually agreed by the Champion and Hospices of Hope) to encourage closer involvement with the charity
  • Use of our logo on your website 

Benefits according to Membership level 

Membership type  Platinum  Gold  Silver  Bronze
Details on our Champions Network Web page  Advertisement in the most prominent place  Advertisement in a prominent place Link to your website Link to your website
A personalised trip to one of our country partners  For 4 people  For 2 people For 1 person  Not applicable 
Tickets  to our high profile Gala Dinner (choice of London or Edinburgh) Table of 10 Table of 10 5 places  2 places

Tickets for ONE other fundraising event

20  10 10  5

For more information 

Contact [email protected]