My name is Ciprian and I am 21 years old.

I have been coming to the Hospice for about two year now.  The staff are fantastic - they help me celebrate life.  I cannot use my hands but can steer a wheelchair with my feet.  Thanks to our physio at the Hospice (who pushed me all the way around) I have taken part in the last two Bucharest marathons.  


Last year on my birthday Hospice made a special cake for me which we shared at the day-centre. I love the activities in the day- centre - particularly the team games we play outside.

Hospice has recently introduced a new tech room. The room has some amazing equipment including a giant piano which I can play with my feet and virtual reality glasses which mean I can experience new things every day.  

Important Events in November: 

  • 11th - Remembrance Day (UK)
  • 12th - Armistice Day (Serbia)
  • 12th - Veteran's Day (USA)
  • 22nd - Thanksgiving (USA)
  • 30th - Feast of St. Andrew Patron Saint

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