Publish Date: 18.12.17


A new therapy based on virtual reality is being tried out for the first time in Brasov.

This modern technology helps children and teenagers with life-limiting illnesses to overcome their fears, have more self confidence and be more able to cope when undergoing painful medical procedures. Even though the therapy only started a few weeks ago the results are already visible.

Dani has been in a wheelchair since birth, he suffers from spastic tetraparesis.  During the therapy he walks into a world that he loves- a world that he didn’t have before. And he shared all of this with his mum.

Cerasela Antonesei, his mother says “He says everything is beautiful and that he feels free and confident to do things. Just because it’s hard getting into a bus doesn’t mean we have to stop living. I encourage him to do anything he wishes and always look to the future.”

With the specialist’s help the patients enter a virtual reality where they can climb Everest, swim with dolphins and walk on the moon.

George Vlad, therapist:  “It’s an environment where they feel they have control and this increases their confidence, reduces anxiety and makes them more outgoing in everyday life.”

Emil Haghel, the father of one the patients:  “He is more open, braver and more willing to take part in activities.”

Alexia has been diagnosed with severe kidney disease and is not allowed to do any physical activity. She would love to be able to work part time to help her family financially, so she is practising this in the virtual world.

Alexia Raducanu: “I would love to work in a shop or somewhere where it is easy for me.”

Reporter: “ Have you practised here?”.

Alexia:  “Yes I have practised working in a kitchen and in a shop. I would be able to do these things in real life as well. Maybe not for 8 hours a day but I am sure I could manage  4-6hrs.”

Over 100 children from across the country benefit from these virtual reality therapy sessions.  The children are cared for in two centres – one in Bucharest and one in Brasov.