Publish Date: 07.03.18

Palliative care is now a recogised part of the Romanian healthcare system!

The piece of paper below does not look very interesting but it is the culmination of many years work aimed at transforming hospice care in Romania.

Order 253/2018 makes palliative care a recognised part of the Romanian healthcare system.  Most importantly it means that patients have the right to access palliative care.

It will also enable our country partner, Hospice Casa Sperantei, to work with the authorities to ensure that palliative care is an integral part of the healthcare system.


Left, Order 253/2018. Middle, Dr Daniela Mosiou. Right, A project team developing the ground for the national palliative care strategy.

The order is the outcome of over 26 years hard work by Hospice Casa Sperantei, particularly Dr Daniela Mosiou, Director for National Education, Strategy and Development and Programme Director, Malina Dumitrescu. We are very proud of their achievements.

Daniela headed up a project team which prepared the ground for developing the national palliative care strategy at three different levels- local, district and national and its implementation has been part funded by the World Bank.

Hospices of Hope trustee, Marilyn Boggust, has advised on the project.