Hospice Angelus, Soroca

Mr M is an elderly man who is being treated by the Hospice Angelus team. He has stomach cancer which is terminal, has lost his sight and struggles to breathe.

Whilst he was having surgery his wife had a heart attack and was advised to rest in bed.

Both are bedridden and neither of them knows that the other is ill. Their daughter, who gave up her job in Chisinau to care for them, is struggling to cope.  She is the only one who knows the severity of her father’s illness.  She tried to find a carer for her parents but such help is very scarce outside the capital, Chisinau.   

The daughter is overwhelmed. She relies heavily on the hospice team for advice and support and is severely depressed, collapsing under the strain of the situation. The hospice team has helped find her psychological support through the town’s medical centre.