Hospice Angelus, Soroca

Nadia has terminal breast cancer with metastases all over her body. No-one has told her she has cancer or her prognosis.  

She used to live on her own but has moved in with her sister who takes care of her and her own husband who recently suffered a heart attack.  The atmosphere in the flat is very depressing.

Nadia is in a very confused state, bedridden and virtually paralysed.  Her pain is under control through the intervention of the hospice team but she is distressed because she is unable to move her legs and only has limited movement in her arms.

Her sister works in the market during the day so a local lady comes in to keep an eye on things. She makes sure Nadia gets water and food, but doesn’t do anything else and this means that Nadia spends all day lying in the same position. The medical team has advised on care but Nadia only gets this on the days the hospice team visits and in the evenings when her sister returns from work.

When the team visits Nadia she will not communicate and she turns her head away. She then cries and asks the team to give her something to help her walk again so she can go to the market to help her sister.

The waiting list for a carer in Soroca has more than 300 people on it and the medical team can only visit Nadia twice a week at most which is not enough to ensure that she lives and dies with dignity.