Our work in Moldova is structured in a different way from our work in Romania and Serbia.  In Moldova there are a number of small hospice organisations in rural areas which are struggling to survive and, rather than providing services directly ourselves, we are focusing on helping some of those organisations.

We do this in part by funding those organisations but also through providing training and other support.  

One of the issues we face in Moldova is dealing with the stigma that cancer and other terminal illnesses have.  Medical professionals do not generally tell their patients that they have terminal conditions. 

Our country manager in Moldova, Raluca, has visited some of the patients cared for by these hospices and their stories are here.  She says

“The conditions that some of the patients live in are substandard and reflect the fact that Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. It was heart breaking to see that under these conditions some patients still tried to stand to welcome the medical team and did all they could to make us feel welcome. Some patients I visited had lost all hope and broke down simply because they have visitors”.