Hospices of Hope Moldova is establishing a sustainable, national network of small hospice organisations in Moldova. Rather than working with a country partner HOHM is working with independent organisations across the country.

So far the network includes five hospices. These are

  • Hospice Aripile Sperantei (Wings of Hope) in Orhei
  • Hospice Angelus in Soroca
  • Hospice Angelus in Ocnita
  • Hospice Taraclia and
  • a new hospice organisation in Cahul. 

                               HOHM's network 


Services provided by the network organisations are primarily through home visits. The service in Cahul is integrated with a local public hospital.  

Challenges faced in Moldova

  • Many patients have no family support - so many people work abroad that terminally ill patients do not have anyone to help with their care 
  • Medical professionals are reluctant to tell their patients their true prognosis   
  • Funding - whilst the state will cover some of the costs of home visits, there is still a considerable shortfall
  • The extreme poverty within the country 

Our country manager in Moldova, Raluca, has visited some of the patients cared for by these hospices and their stories are here.  She says

"The stories of our patients about their incurable illnesses and life limiting conditions, is, unfortunately, accompanied by poor living conditions. This fact emphasises more the need of the help that we are providing, starting with medication to psycho-emotional care. Our help is so much appreciated by our patients, who are coping with their pain. There are patients that only see our teams coming to visit as to ease their pain. There are others that cannot afford to buy necessary goods, some of them cannot afford to buy food."  

A patients home