Supporting two new hospice organisations in Moldova  


Two years ago, we decided to create a national network of hospices in Moldova. We set up Hospices of Hope Moldova and, after detailed research, agreed that the network would be started with three existing hospice organisations – Hospice Aripile Sperantei (Wings of Hope) in Orhei, Hospice Angelus in Soroca and Hospice Angelus in Ocnita. These all had seed funding but were struggling to survive.


Thanks to grants from Medicor and the Burdett Trust for Nursing we have turned this around. We have publicly launched the National Programme for Palliative Care with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. The Moldovan government is very supportive of our work.


We are helping these three hospices with staff salaries, medicines, transport and training. 

So far we have:-

  • Provided medical training to the teams
  • Moved Hospice Aripile Sperantei into more suitable accommodation
  • Planned a similar move for Hospice Angelus in Soroca
  • Provided new transport for the home care teams and have started covering fuel costs (previously staff were using their own vehicles and having to pay fuel costs themselves)
  • Fully staffed HOH Moldova

The team from Soroca with new transport for home visits

Next steps

We are adding two further hospices to the network. These are located at Cahul and Taraclia. The services provided in Taraclia had been forced to close so our intervention means these will be starting once again. HOH US Trustee, Jeremy Taglieri, has volunteered for this hospice in the past.

We are planning to renovate the in-patient ward in Cahul.

Location of Services in Moldova

Other articles 

Medical supplies 

Hospices of Hope UK continues to transport donated medical equipment to Moldova. A list of supplies and equipment needed is on our website.  

HOH Moldova Cycle Tour

Hospices of Hope Moldova’s annual hospice cycle tour took place in June. A team of 21 cyclists took on the challenge and cycled a route of 785 kilometres in 5 days. The route started in Chisinau, went via Soroca to visit Hospice Angelus and ended in Brasov, Romania where the cyclists were welcomed by Hospice Casa Sperantei. Everyone had a fantastic time despite some interesting weather - see HOH Moldova’s Facebook page for the highlights.

The 2018 cycle tour team 

Take part in next year’s Cycle Tour

If you are looking for a cycling challenge and would like to see more of this beautiful part of the world (including the Carpathian Mountains) why not take part in next year’s tour? If you would like to know more please contact [email protected].

A patient cared for by Hospice Aripile Sperantei

Sylvia has lung cancer. She is suffering side effects from chemotherapy, is starting to show signs of dementia and has mobility issues. She lives with her husband who has diabetes and is bedridden following a foot amputation. As is very often the case in Moldova the couple’s children live abroad so there is no family support available.

The hospice team visits Sylvia regularly to monitor her health and provide her with free medicine. They also give her cleaning and hygiene products as she cannot afford these basic essentials.  As well as the visits she has regular telephone consultations with the medical team, receives advice about benefits and has physiotherapy to help with her movement.

Hospice staff are concerned about the couple’s mental health- in their words Sylvia and her husband are “Praying for death to come sooner”. So the hospice also gives them psychological help and encourages Sylvia to attend the monthly patient support groups held by the Hospice.