My name is George and I have cerebral palsy. I am 17 years old and I celebrate my next birthday 27th of May. 

My condition is starting to affect my sight. My mother cares for me and she can stay with me in the Hospice when I am here. It makes a real difference to us both that we can be together at the Hospice. 

I love listening to music – I listen as often as I can.  I also like playing with the other children in the Hospice.  Hospice makes a real celebration of birthdays and I am looking forward to celebrating with my friends here.  If I am not well enough to spend my birthday in the children’s day-centre I hope that we can have cake and food in my room.

Last year when Prince Charles visited the Hospice he came into my room and talked to us.

Important Events in May

  • 1st - Labour Day (Serbia, Romania, Moldova
  • 6th - Mother's Day (Romania)
  • 7th - May Day (England and Wales)
  • 9th - Victory and Commemoration Day WW2 (Moldova)
  • 9th - Europe Day (Serbia)
  • 13th - Father's Day (Romania)
  • 13th - Mother's Day (USA)
  • 19th - Royal Wedding
  • 28th - Descent of the Holy Spirit (Romania)
  • 28th - Bank Holiday (England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland)
  • 28th - Memorial Day (USA)

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