Hi, I'm Marilyn.

I have been a Trustee with Hospices of Hope for 10 years and have been the Chair of the charity for just over two years. My professional background is in nursing, organisational development and international healthcare consultancy. 

I met Graham Perolls through a mutual friend over 20 years ago and have enjoyed supporting the work of Hospices of Hope ever since. In the early days my husband and I visited Romania on several occasions to see the wonderful work being done by the staff of Hospice Casa Sperantei. In more recent times I have worked with the Education and National Development Team from HCS to support the development of a national strategy for palliative care in Romania. Since becoming Chair of the charity I have also had the opportunity to visit BelHospice in Belgrade, to see first-hand how palliative care services are being developed in Serbia. At some time in the future, when travel permits, I am very much hoping to visit Moldova and Albania to meet the teams who are working so hard to develop palliative care services in those countries.

I have many, many wonderful memories of my time spent in both Romania and Serbia meeting staff and patients. One lasting memory, that probably remains with me as it was on my very first visit to Romania, is seeing the beautiful Carpathian mountains covered in snow as we travelled from Bucharest to Brasov on a very cold winters day and then to be greeted, so warmly, by the friendly staff at Hospice Casa Sperantei and to see the magnificent work they were doing. The love, warmth, compassion and dedication of the staff I meet each time I visit any of our country partners always remains with me when I return home

For the last 30 years Hospice of Hope has helped to provide a ‘light in the darkness’ for those in South Eastern Europe who are suffering from life limiting illnesses. Through our country partners, staff, sponsors and volunteers Hospices of Hope has been able to bring hope to many individuals and families and we pray that the work of the charity will continue to grow in the years to come.