My name is Maria but I prefer to be called Mery. I am 11 years old. Hospice cared for me after I had treatment for a brain tumour and I have been going to the Hospice in Bucharest for 7 years now. I love the summer trips – last year we had a display from some performing dogs and I held the hoop so they could jump through. I have a little sister who is called Alina and we both attend the day-care centre at Hospice. I have also met Prince Charles from England when he came to the day-centre and I showed him the Easter egg I was painting. 


My birthday is on 1st Of March and I want to celebrate at the Hospice. 

I go to the hospice school which helps me keep up with schoolwork. But hospice makes this fun and we take part in many activities. Last year we celebrated Flowers Day by holding a concert and we invited adult patients in the hospice and our parents to come and hear our concert.  

Important Events in March:

  • 1st - Martisor (Romania, Moldova)
  • 8th - International Womens Day (Moldova)
  • 11th - Mothering Sunday (UK)
  • 30th - Good Friday (UK)

Mărțișor is an old tradition celebrated in Romania and Moldova on March 1st to mark the start of spring. The name Mărțișor comes from “March”. It is traditional to celebrate this festival by giving female friends and family members a small gift made from which is a red and white string with a tassel. It is believed that the person who wears the red and white string would enjoy a prosperous and healthy year.

The children at the Hospice in Romania have made Martisors as part of the celebrations.

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