Have you considered leaving a gift in your will to Hospices of Hope to help us continue our work caring for adults and children suffering from life-limiting and terminal illnesses?

It is worthwhile making a will to ensure that your wishes regarding your estate are followed. Once you have made provision for your loved ones you may want to include a charitable gift to support Hospices of Hope and help us bring hope to others.  

There are various ways you can support the charity – for example by leaving a share of your estate, by donating a specific sum of money or by leaving a specific item. 

It is a good idea to take advice on estate planning to ensure that your wishes are met and your loved ones are properly provided for. 

Free will writing services

A gift in your will makes a huge difference to our work and will bring hope to so many adults and children needing hospice care.

If you are thinking about writing or updating your will, you might want to use one of the two free will writing services we have teamed up with

  • The National Free Wills Network offers a face to face meeting with a local participating solicitor selected by you (currently subject to Covid-19 limitations)
  • Make a Will Online offers you the chance to make your will online

There is no requirement to leave a gift to us if you use one of these services but we very much hope you will consider doing this once you have made provision for your loved ones.  

Any gift will be gratefully received and will help us provide hospice care to seriously ill patients.  

Both services are for simple wills only.  

The National Free Wills Network

If you would like to write or update your will using this scheme please fill in your details here - including your name, address, email address and phone number. We will pass those details on to the National Free Wills Network and the Network will provide you with a list of participating solicitors.    

Your chosen solicitor will help you write your simple will at a special rate and we will cover the cost of this. The solicitor you choose will be acting for you and will act in your interests and on your instructions. Your solicitor will tell you if you need advice which goes beyond a simple will.

Make a Will Online

To create your own online will follow this link and the step by step online process.  We will pay for the cost of your will or a pair of simple mirror wills. Make a Will Online’s solicitors check every will and let us know when a gift has been left to us and the details of that gift. We would love to be able to say “thank you” for your kindness– we can do that if you agree.

Make a Will Online lets us know about any gifts left in your will when you use the above link.  If you want to leave a gift without us being told, you can use this link instead to make an online will.  

Free Will Services  

Make a Will Online

Please note that Make a Will Online is responsible for making your will and your relationship is with that organisation.  There is no implied endorsement for the service from Hospices of Hope.

Make a Will Online’s solicitors check your online will but this is not the same as receiving independent legal advice. If you have a large or complicated estate, complex needs- for example dependent relatives, overseas property, trust income, concerns about mental capacity or need advice about inheritance tax then we would advise you to see a solicitor.  

For both the National Free Wills Network and Make a Will Online we will only pay for a simple will or pair of simple mirror wills. If the costs exceed this you will need to cover the excess.

There is no obligation on you to leave us a gift in your will if you use either service but we would be very grateful if you do and would love to be able to thank you for that gift and keep you updated with our work.

Instruct your own solicitor

We recommend taking legal advice when writing your will. If you would prefer to do this through your own solicitor rather than through the National Free Wills Network to find a solicitor go to the Law Society.

 If you would like to include a gift to us, the details to give your solicitor are  Hospices of Hope Limited charity number 1088475 and our registered office is at 11 High Street, Otford, Sevenoaks, TN14 5PG.


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