My name is Miruna and I am 14 years old. I celebrate my birthday 17th of July.

I suffer from a bone disease called osteochondrodysplasia. I live with my grandparents as my parents are not able to care for me properly. My grandmother has cared for me through many years of surgery and rehabilitation.  

I love cats, Harry Styles, Harry Potter, Coraline and Narnia and I would love to have known Michael Jackson and to go to one of his concerts.  I don’t like maths and people who treat me badly because I use a wheelchair.


Although the doctors told me I would not be able to walk I first managed to do so on Christmas Day when I was five. I would like to celebrate my next birthday with everyone at the Hospice as they are my friends. Everyone here helped me recover from operations and I go to the Hospice school to keep up with my schoolwork. Last summer I went on a Hospice Summer Trip and had an amazing time. I learnt to dance.

By donating your special day you can help other children like Miruna recover from major surgery.

Important Events in July:

  • 4th - Independence Day (USA)

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