Executive Fundraiser

Originally I come from Bedford where I went to school and grew up, then I met my wife on holiday with my friends in Tenerife . We married after travelling up and down to Tunbridge Wells for a year.

We now have three children, I say children but two of them are at university now and my daughter is at Bennett.

My job at Hospices of Hope is Fundraising Executive. On a day to day basis my role is to reach out into the community and try to get links to our charity through schools and churches and local businesses. Also I am responsible for recruiting people to take part in our events and challenges.

The reason I joined Hospices of Hope is because I have attended many events over the years and I felt called to take on this role after visiting Romania with Graham, it took me while to get there, about six years but I always knew this would be the path I would eventually follow. I have previously helped at church with youth groups and life explored courses and have just finished a leadership course, and I have run my own Dental Lab for 16 years.

I enjoy going out in the community and meeting new people and I am looking forward to meeting some of the children on our Bucharest holiday club, it will be nice to see them face to face rather than just photos. In the future, I would like to spread the awareness of the charity and help patients have a better end of life.

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