Hello, I'm Sergiulica and I'm 17 years old. 

I live with our parents who look after the hospice house and gardens in Copaceni! When I was about one and a half I had an injection that went wrong and got meningitis. My brain does not work well any more and I cannot walk or stand.


When I was first ill no one wanted to help. They told Mum and Dad to let me die. But my parents heard about Hospice and they have helped me so much. They taught Mum how to care for me. Although I am blind I can understand people, and even though I can't speak, people can understand what I need.

Important Events in January:

  • 1st - New Year (UK, Romania and Moldova)
  • 7th - Orthodox Christmas (Serbia and Moldova)
  • 14th - New Year (Serbia)
  • 15th - Martin Luther King Day (USA)
  • 24th - Unification Day (Romania)
  • 27th - St. Sava's Day (Serbia)

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