Cristi’s life has been dominated by cystic fibrosis. His condition was undiagnosed until he was ten years old. He has spent a significant period of his life in hospital.

His childhood was marred by poverty and ill treatment. He witnessed domestic violence, was locked in a room by his mother for long periods, lost his loving grandmother and became homeless after his uncle and aunt threw him out.

He was really suffering both physically and mentally when the Hospice heard about him. The Hospice staff did everything they could to help. They found him emergency accommodation and ensured that he received regular medical care and physiotherapy.

His life has turned around. He is married and has worked as the receptionist at the Bucharest hospice.

He knows that his illness is not curable but says “Sometimes I manage to forget my illness. Then I live life to the full and dream a lot....Hospice has given me back the belief that I have the right to be happy.”



Our hospice home care teams care for many young patients with cystic fibrosis. Like Cristi, with this care, they can enjoy a full life.

If you would like to support this work, why not take part in our 30th anniversary appeal?

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