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Need some inspiration? 

If you are looking for inspiration for your fundraising event or activity here are some ideas. If you need help or advice you can contact our Events Team.

Don't forget you can set up a fundraising page and use our tools to help you fundraise.

Alternatively, download our Schools Brochure for some more fundraising ideas!

Charity of the year

Choose us as your school's charity of the year. Focus your fundraising on us and we can come and tell you about our work.

Guess the number of sweets

Put a jar of sweets and a HOH collecting box at the reception area of your school. Ask parents and teachers to make a donation and guess how many sweets are in the jar. Whoever wins gets the sweets!

Sponsored events

Organise an 'I can live without' day. Ask students to give up something they will miss (their favourite TV show, a game they like playing, a favourite food) and be sponsored by friends and family. Alternatively, hold a sponsored silence, football game or a challenge of their choice. 

Cake sale

Why not theme them around our mascot, Bagpuss? We have cake flags, cake labels, bunting and more available to download on our Bagpuss site!

Non-uniform day

Hold a 'what you want to be when you grow up' themed day. Students will pay £1 to participate and dress up.

Summer fun day

Organise a summer fete with stalls filled with food and fun! You could have face painting, a coconut shy, a raffle, the list is endless!

Talent show

Organise a talent show for the school. Charge for tickets and refreshments in the interval.

Teacher pay back

Each teacher has a collecting box at reception and whichever teacher gets the most money at the end of the month, does a fun challenge chosen by their class!

Tree of hope wall

Write a message/prayer to one of our child patients on a leaf template. Then colour in and place it on the 'tree of hope' which will be displayed on your wall.


The loveable cat Bagpuss is our charity mascot, so why not get our furry friend involved? Students can join in a game of pin the tail on Bagpuss. They can pay £1 to enter and then the winner gets a prize of your choosing! The game is available to download from our website!

Would you like Bagpuss to appear at your school? Why not request an appearance via our website!