Home visits

Until 2018 when Phase 1 of the new hospice centre was opened, the care offered in Serbia was through home visits and telephone consultations.


Services provided in the year from November 2016 to November 2017 - some figures

  • 800 patients and family members benefitted from BELhospice services
  • 3,697 consultations  
  • 1,767 home care visits
  • 140 volunteer visits made to patients 

43% of the cost of home care services were covered by a grant from the Norwegian Government and by funding from Hospices of Hope.

BELhospice developed a new home care programme based on international standards which led to its home care service being licensed and recognised by the government in 2017. This will allow it to apply for local government funding allocated to home care provision.

New services 

The completion of Phase 1 of the new hospice centre in Belgrade means that two new services will be available - a day care centre and an out-patient unit. Statutory licences are awaited but once in place these services will commence. 

Day care centre  

Hospice day care is a completely new concept in Serbia. It gives patients the opportunity to meet socially, receive help with their medical needs and participate in activities which help to improve their well being. The Day Care Centre includes a beauty and hairdressing salon, a physiotherapy/massage room, a large day room for various kinds of activities and therapies, a gallery to sell crafts that have been made in the day centre, a dining area, treatment rooms, a quiet room and an assisted bathroom.

Day care centre 

Out-patient Unit 

 Once established this clinic will offer treatment for conditions like lymphoedema.