Regional Fundraiser – Scotland & Northern England

Previously working as Head of Sales for a manufacturing company I needed a challenge in life. But a challenge that involved a personal passion. Our world is a fantastic place but unfortunately not quite an equal place. I wanted to help tip the scales slightly by doing anything I can to help others have better lives. Which has always been my own passsion and now I get to try and help improve other lives having recently joined Hospices of Hope. I only started with Hospices at the start of August having been in lockdown for the last 4 months. I hope I can help grow the charity and the charity can help grow me. As a slightly older gentleman I remember the scenes in Romania after the breakdown of regime. This was only 31 years ago. I’m honored to be part of Hospices of Hopes mission to provide continuous education and  improvement.

Useless fact about me: I hold a world record as part of a team who drove a land rover 20 metres with 125 passengers on it.