Our Gala Dinner Nurses Appeal 

For this year's Gala Dinner we set a target of £31,000. This amount was chosen as it covers the total annual cost of a nurse's salary in each of our four partners countries. Thanks to the generosity of our guests we exceeded this target and would like to show you why our nurses are so important by introducing you to some of them.  

BELhospice, Serbia   

Bojana has been working for BELhospice for twelve years. She originally headed the home care nursing team and is now the senior nurse in the new day care centre. She specialises in physical therapy. 

By her own admission, Bojana was nervous when she first took on the role as she could not understand how to care for terminally ill patients. She soon realised that palliative care cannot cure, but that it can ease pain and suffering and offer dignity. 

She says that the new day care centre has made a great impact on her patients. It has helped them feel much more fulfilled. At the centre they  have the chance to socialise, relax and have fun. Whilst they are at the centre their families have a break from being carers.

Nurse Bojana, BELhospice Serbia    


Hospices of Hope Moldova

Andrian Veisa comes from a small remote village outside Soroca. He started working for Hospice Angelus in Soroca in 2017 and has a wide range of responsibilities in his role as head of the medical assistants team.    

The hospice staff describe him as being "very receptive, responsible and humble when speaking about providing care to patients with life-limiting illnesses".

Andrian currently cares for nineteen patients, both adults and children, who have a range of conditions including cancer and diabetes. Some live in remote villages so he has to travel long distances. The new transport provided by Hospices of Hope has made this easier. 

Feedback from one of Andrian's patients:

"He manages to bring care and relieve pain, not only by offering medical services, but also by showing emotional support, compassion, by giving good advice, having a positive approach and a comforting smile."   


Nurse Andrian, Hospice Angelus, Soroca in Moldova 

Hospices of Hope Moldova   

Liliana Xhixha has been working for the Ryder Albania hospice team in Tirana for twenty- two years as both a paediatric and adult palliative care nurse. 

She is devoted to her work and will do "all she can, not only to help patients die peacefully, but also to ensure that they live as fulfilled a life as possible". 

Nurse Liliana, Ryder Albania   

Hospice Casa Sperantei, Brasov

Teodora has been working as a nurse in the paediatric unit at the Brasov Hospice for eighteen years. When she first started, she was worried that she would not be able to help children with cancer as she did not have enough experience. But she "learnt that even in the most desperate of situations there is always something that can be done".

Teo visits many of the children in their homes. This can involve lengthy drives to remote rural areas in treacherous conditions and encounters with unfriendly dogs. 

She has developed very close relationships with her patients and their families and she shares their struggles. She recognises the challenges faced by the children's parents and says that

"Sometimes their burden is the most difficult thing to deal with."

Teo on her way to visit a patient