Mark Tilton

This fundraising page is for those who would like to contribute but can’t attend our £20 donation cocktail event, or are too embarrassed to wear kitty ears and a mask while drinking our favourite Ginger Tiggsters and eating our delicious food. (You don’t get to be this tubby without being a good cook.)

This year Sarah and I met a very inspiring family on a flight back from Romania. They were returning to the UK after the official opening of their brand new children’s hospice - the first in the region in fact. Over twenty years ago they set up Romania's first adult hospice. Before that - in the wake of the Romanian revolution of 1989 - they sent in much-needed pain medication and provided support for those who were terminally ill and would otherwise be left to die without medical help. Romania’s health system was in tatters at that time and is still struggling today. It’s a poor country and, even now, those with cancer are too often sent home to die for lack of resources.

We were very affected by the stories the Perolls family told us. Hospices For Hope began when one man, Graham Perolls, volunteered his medical skills in Bucharest hospitals when the country came to a standstill in the weeks after Ceausescu was deposed and executed. Since then, the charity Graham set up has grown into an amazing (still mostly family-run) caring organisation that helps very poorly children.

We hope to see you at our event (invitations have been sent by email) and, if not, that you’ll contribute here to this life-affirming cause.

All the best,

Tilton and Tyrer

Mark Tilton