Stephanie Richard

I am off to Romania on the 23rd February 2020 to volunteer at the wonderful Hospice's that The Hospice of Hope have created for Cancer patients.

They started work in Romania in 1992. There was no hospice care whatsoever available in the country at that time. Morphine was illegal. Cancer patients had no pain relief and were simply left to die in pain.

Hearing their story back in December broke my heart, we take for granted the care and medication we receive from our wonderful NHS and I naively had not realised children in neighbouring countries did not receive the same level or care I instantly felt a need to help...... Then the wonderful Anna Perolls (daughter of Hospice of Hope founder Graham Perolls) asked me to come on a volunteer mission to Romania visiting 3 hospice projects in Brasov, Bucharest and Copaceni to meet some of the children and hospice patients, running craft classes for the children as well as visiting patients within their homes. This is something I would like to elaborate on this slightly, Romania is known for their high rise flats usually one room, not one bedroom but one room to do everything.....if you are lucky enough to have a working elevator (most do not) in your building you may be able to leave/get outside before you become very sick........basically this results in terminal cancer patients staying within four walls (sometimes alone) before they pass which is utterly heart breaking to me.
I hope that my time in Romania I can bring a small piece of joy and certainly will be bringing love.

I am asking for donations to the wonderful Hospice of Hope, who are not government funded and rely solely on your donations, all treatment at the Hospice's are completely free of charge to the patients and this is what your donations could do for them:

£5 - Can pay for children with EB dressings for 1 week.
£10 - Pay for a childs medication for a week.
£25 - Pay for work of 1 home care visit.
£50 - Pay for an adult to stay at the in patent unit for 1 day.

I will be using the power of social media whilst I am away to show you all how your donations are put to good use, I know its a difficult time of year financially for most people but dig deep please :)

Thank you so much for reading, it means the world to me and Hospice of Hope.

Stephanie Richard