Andreea Gray

Dear friend, thank you for visiting this page!

Why did we set this up? Because on May 13th we will be running within the Bucharest Half Marathon 2018 (relay race, respectively half-marathon) supporting the Hospices of Hope cause:

Hospices of Hope is an amazing charity, offering free palliative care to people suffering from incurable & life-limited illness in Romania and neighboring countries.

* Relay team: Alina, Andreea & Cristina aka 'Antrenate & Cafeinate' (trained & caffeinated)
* Half marathon: Ross aka 'Wife Made Me'

For our participation, we need your sponsorship.

Did you know? >>>> Your money goes much further in South East Europe.
For example in Moldova a nurse’s annual salary is 3,600 Euros and a doctor’s is 5,280 Euros.

Therefore, please don't hesitate to click that [Donate] button with confidence :) Any little helps!

We might not be the best, we won't even be among the first teams to arrive at the finish, but we will for sure GIVE OUR BEST to make you feel proud of being our generous sponsor!

So please dig deep and donate now!!

Big thanks and lots of love from Alina, Andreea, Cristina & Ross

Andreea Gray