Anna Bowditch

I along with my Mum this year are lucky to be going out to Romania this summer to make some memories with those children who attend the summer camps with life-limiting and terminal illnesses.

This is my third time of going out to Romania. Words cannot describe the good work this charity do in providing hospice care in Romania and beyond. I have twisted my Mum’s arm to come along this time, as she has been so intrigued of the work of HofH.

The camps are so humbling and it is just so breathtaking to see how the children are not held back by their conditions during the weeks. They seem to have the mental and physical ability to overcome every obstacle that is put in their way!

Your money will go towards the costings for the children’s placements on the camp, which hand in hand will allow them and their families to have respite from a their conditions.

Check out the video from last years summer trip!

I would be so grateful for any donations, doesn’t matter how small. As the saying goes, “every little helps!”.

Anna Bowditch