Graham Perolls

Dear colleagues, friends and associates,

Since its beginnings, BELhospice has been dedicated to providing free of charge palliative care to cancer patients and their families, educating of professionals and raising public awareness on significance of palliative care. Since 2004, BELhospice has cared for more than 2000 patients and educated more than 2000 professionals while raising awareness of the general public through various activities.

I have decided to help BELhospice by starting campaign called From the first hospital to the first hospice in Serbia. I plan to walk continuously 250km starting from Monastery Studenica, where the first Serbian hospital was established 800 years ago. My walk will end in Belgrade, at the first hospice centre in Serbia, which will be opened at the beginning of September 2018.

With this campaign, I wish to:

  • Raise public awareness on the need for hospice/palliative care in Serbia
  • Raise awareness why it's important to have hospice concept and hospice centers incorporated within Serbian health and social care system
  • Raise funds for BELhospice as it has been providing free of charge services to patients and their families for the last 14 years
  • Show how important physical activity is for life quality and well-being

On May 21st I will start my walk in early morning hours and daily goal is to walk and hike between 15 to 20 km, depending on terrain and conditions. It would mean very much if you could support both BELhospice and me in this campaign and help us achieve some of the above mentioned goals.

Here are the ways you can do it:

  • Share the story with your friends, coworkers, family members and ask them to share it as well
  • Follow BELhospice on social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), share posts related to this campaign and ask for donations
  • Donate via fundraising platform on the following link

Thank you for your time and I appreciate all of your support!

Best regards,

Nataša Milićević

I happened to be in Belgrade when I received a phone-call to say that there had been a terrible accident. The BELhospice team were travelling to the south of Serbia to deliver some palliative care training. On the way, a reckless driver clipped the side of the minibus that the team was travelling in. It left the road, rolled over and some of the occupants were thrown out, including Natasa, the founder of BELhospice. That night, Natasa almost lost her life.

When I visited her the next day in hospital, I didn’t even recognise her, her injuries we so severe. I believe it is a complete miracle that Natasa lived to tell the tale and managed to recover from her injuries. It is now another miracle that she is going to walk 250km from the first hospital in Serbia to the first hospice in Serbia.

Please would you sponsor her.

Graham Perolls, Founder, Hospices of Hope

Graham Perolls