As many of you know, I have worked for hospice for the last 17 years and have developed a passion for the work that is done. I also have an attachment to Romania though my many years of work there and my previous ordination in the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Hospices of Hope is based in Romania but is working with many refugees from Ukraine as the hostilities there escalate. Hospices of Hope will be providing assistance in the following ways:

They will make available one of the buildings at our Copaceni children’s center in Romania on a temporary basis to house women and child refugees from Ukraine, in particular those who have medical needs (our services for children will continue in the other buildings)

They will keep in touch with the palliative care teams that we know in Ukraine to find out their current needs, and where possible help them with medications, dressings etc, in addition to passing on any specific donations from the UK. We will admit any Ukrainian citizens needing palliative care to our hospice in Bucharest

They will help provide psychological counselling for those affected by trauma through our teams in Romania and Moldova (our teams in Soroca and Ocnita are right on the border with Ukraine)

They will help refugees with basic medicine and food and send them to their temporary accommodations via our hospice cars where we can. Many are crossing the border without transport and have nowhere to turn.

They are collecting donations of both medical supplies and food in both countries and distributing them to refugees staying in the area.

I know there are many needs at the moment but I would count it as a personal favor if you could donate to help this important work that is on going in Romania is support of Ukrainian Refugees.

Blessings and Peace,
Rev. Peter-Michael Preble

Peter-Michael Preble