Chris Cooke, Taylor Cooke, Sarah Cooke, Jack Norris and Rob Andrews are running the London Landmarks 1/2 Marathon to raise money for an incredible charity! All donations big or small will make a huge difference, and if you could share this page we would really appreciate it too!

The funds we raise through taking on this challenge will help us support vital children’s work at the Hospices of Hope.

This incredible charity are the leading hospice development charity in South East Europe that care for more than 40,000 patients and their families through country partners. They have successfully lobbied for the introduction of morphine based medicine and raised more than £20 million to support hospice care in South East Europe

Through their work they have been recognised by the University of Sheffield as a beacon of palliative care provision in the region and raised more than £1million in the Beacon appeal to increase hospice provision in South East Europe.

They have also been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the World Health Organisation

Check out their website to read more testimonials on the support they provide:

Chris Cooke