Hospices of Hope are pulling kids out of dire situations, and helping those at end of life. In regions where the safety net isn't what we expect. They have found it difficult to get the finances they need, to do this necessary work.

Without it, they can't help. If their help recedes, people will suffer in a very real way. I can not imagine many more motivating situations. Consequently, whilst I have tried to support a number of causes each year, I have never stepped up to fund raise. Instead, I left the hard work to others.

In this strange time, I thought it was time to do more.

Being much older, heavier and unfit than ever before, it seemed a perfect time to try and set a goal. Absent any organised events, I have set myself 10 weeks to shed some kilos and run a 14 mile course through London. In doing so, with one good knee left, I hope you guys would take pity on me, showing this through financial contributions to the charity. 

Martin Bradley