My daughter, Erin, is a Bagpuss fan and the wing in the hospital where the sick children are, is called the Bagpuss Wing!

£215,000 is the annual running cost of the Bagpuss Wing. £600 is what it costs each day to run the Bagpuss Wing, this includes in-patient and out-patient services, social care, various therapies such as physiotherapy and the paediatric day centre. It also includes home care services which are provided for children who are unable to travel to the hospice.

Bagpuss’ 47th birthday is on the 12th February, so Erin is doing a challenge of 15 ‘clap bridge press ups’ a day where she wears her Bagpuss hat and balances her favourite Bagpuss cuddly on her belly whilst doing it. I will also be crocheting blankets for the ward on an ongoing basis - in Bagpuss colours, naturally!!!

Erin has already started her challenge, so is well under way!

I have attempted to attach a photo; so basically she remains in bridge, lifts her hands off the floor, does a clap, then hands back down ready for the next one.

Any donations will be much appreciated! Thank you Alex Daly