I will be taking some time away from work in August to help the charity Hospices Of Hope. Every year this amazing charity creates summer camps in Romania for children with life limiting and terminal illnesses, creating fun activities, games, and proper meals to help create memorable times for the children.

Unlike the UK, these children don't receive proper care or help with their illnesses and are left to deal with them on their own without any pain relief or emotional support. Most are from very poor backgrounds and a lot of them don't have parents. When I first heard about what the charity do, I couldn't believe the state that some of these children have to live in, especially with their health conditions and its heart breaking that this is how most of them spend the end of their lives.

For most of these children the summer camp trips is all they have to look forward to and since covid started these trips have had to be put on hold until now. So if you can, please help me create some amazing memories for these children.

I will be volunteering as part of the team to help with all the activities, arts and crafts, and general help for the children. I'll also be taking my guitar and hoping to entertain a few of the children with some songs (until they tell me to stop)

Please help me raise money for this trip, which will include my travel, funds for another child to attend, and help for any activity supplies. Any donation is hugely appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read this page :) Adam Bayford