Hospices of Hope does amazing work and supports many people across South East Europe who, in the final moments of their lives, struggle to gain access to vital healthcare. Additionally, they support people with life limiting illnesses who really appreciate every moment they get.

On 25 January 2022, I am turning 30! I have spent my twenties (and most of my life!) being overweight with an aversion to exercise. I realise how much I have taken my life for granted when there are other people who would do anything to live the life I am privileged to have.

Aiming to walk 1000 miles over 322 days is a massive challenge for me. I work from home and average between 800 and 2000 steps a day. In order to achieve my 1000 miles, I need to walk over 6000 steps a day every day before I turn 30.

Hopefully this is enough to show you just how much of an effort this is for me, and I hope you will support me by supporting those who are really in need.

Bethany Burgess