Couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to meet someone during a works' event who volunteered for Hospices of Hope for the past couple of years.

When I found out about the amazing work that HoH are doing in my home country, I was absolutely hooked and wanted to get involved! 

Why am I fundraising for HoH? Simple... because I am grateful for charities like them. I am grateful that children in my home country who need a drop of hope in their life, have the amazing people behind HoH to count on.

When reading this, most of you will probably wonder why I prefer to volunteer during my summer holiday instead of spending a week by the seaside, with cocktails, books and ideally in a location where my high heels would come in handy during the evenings.

Instead I am embarking on a new adventure - I am off volunteering for a week in Brasov, Romania to help make some children very happy :)

And here's why...

It has been a while since I started thinking how can I support people who are less fortunate than myself and start making a difference.
I don't come from a wealthy family and having experienced how corrupt the health system can be in Romania, people being avoided when seeking medical help as they could not afford to pay a "bribe"; the lack of medical skills, resources and equipment affects someone's life when facing terminal illness more than anyone can imagine and so, it was a natural decision that I wanted to get involved in making a small change.

Why fundraising and volunteering for Hospices of Hope?...

Because during this Summer camp, we will positively impact over 25 children.

Over 25 children who aren't as fortunate as we are... Over 25 children who we will help to forget for a little while about all their worries, spend time with them and make sure they enjoy themselves.

So... I will stop talking now (typing even...), as everyone knows how much I can go on and on and on talking about something I truly believe in and I will ask you to support me and HoH in making a difference this Summer!

Thank you so so so much for reading my story and I promise there will be lots more to follow from this Summer's adventure.

Check out the video from last years summer trip!
YouTube Video

Have a fab day,

Cris :)

P.S. Thank you ever so much for your donations! I am every so grateful for your support!

Cristina Tataran