Claudia Williams

This August I will be volunteering at a children's summer camp in Brasov, Romania, organised by Hospices of Hope. The summer camp is a residential trip for up to 30 children who have a close family member cared for by the Hospice. During the Camp I will be based at Copaceni, a children’s centre in the countryside outside Bucharest. The week includes sports, games, crafts, entertainment and evening activities (bonfire, party, film night, talent show).

Throughout this year I will be organising various fundraising events. Your generous donations will cover the cost for children to attend summer camp, since most families are unable to afford this.

The first event I am taking part in is the Normanby Hall 10k Adventure Race on 25 March 2018. Your donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated!

About the charity:

Hospices of Hope is the leading hospice care charity in South East Europe. They are dedicated to improving the life of terminally ill patients in Romania and surrounding countries. They believe everyone deserves the best possible care at the end of life, however in developing countries like Romania, Serbia or Moldova, many patients still die in pain without being offered any physical, spiritual or emotional comfort.

Hospices of Hope started work in Romania in 1992. There was no hospice care whatsoever available in the country at that time. Morphine was illegal. Cancer patients had no pain relief and were simply left to die in pain. The health system was corrupt and people avoided seeking medical help as they could not afford to pay a bribe. Other countries in the region have similar problems and so Hospices of Hope extended their work into Serbia in 2006 and the Republic of Moldova in 2008.

Since 1992 they have:
1. Cared for more than 40,000 patients and their families
2. Successfully lobbied for the introduction of morphine based medicines
3. Raised more than £20 million to support hospice care in South East Europe
4. Been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the World Health Organisation
5. Introduced new technologies including virtual and augmented reality techniques to help patients
6. Worked with the Romanian and Serbian governments in the introduction of national hospice care strategies

Claudia Williams